Talent Manager for Schools

The problem: Career path management is pretty much a foreign concept to educators and teaches in Romania. They don`t have the necessary tools available to plan their professional path with the minimum required resources. Things like professional objectives, appraisals, learning paths and much more are not a commonality among teachers.

The solution: Talent Manager for Schools is a web application in which the teacher can create an account and configure it to the desired professional path, based on this they get a learning path recommendation (with recommended courses, accredited or not). The schools also can create an account where it can centralize all of it`s teachers and keep information up to date regarding teaching degrees, courses, or continuous training, where they can configure the desired pathway for human resources, have cost estimates and plan a training calendar.

Status: Adopted

In Romania, human resources in education apparently only relate to a form of institutional organization, which responds to the existing demand on the educational market, providing stimulating, or creating the required specific workforce, and later on the use and management of it, this being the Ministry of Education (ME).

In actuality, things are more complex than this, considering the fact that this institution does not work independently from the society in which it operates.

In this study, the discovered roadblocks are grouped into three specific areas: that of workforce acquisition, the retention of staff by the system and the training of the teachers, to facilitate a better understanding of the specific problems.  


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