Incognito Escape

The problem: Based on our domestic violence research, conducted in the Civic Labs programme by Code for Romania, we have identified numerous pain points in how victims report on abuse. Especially in urban areas, where control mechanisms of the aggressor are more sophisticated (eg: phone tracking, calendar monitoring etc) reporting on abuse is even more difficult as the victim fears she/he will be discovered.

The solution: This solution is a secured communication system between victims and service providers, as protected as technology standards can provide at this point in time. The web platform assists the victim through the communication process, the service providers are alerted each time a victim send them a message or evidence documents and they can have an ongoing private conversation tailored by the victim without endangering her or him by direct contact. All the communication is encrypted adding an extra layer of security of the information on the service provider storage system also.

Status: Available

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Incognito Escape is a secure communication system through which domestic violence victims can communicate easily with NGOs and institutions that can help them, as safe as technology allows it.

For a thorough understanding of any problem one of the first necessary steps is consulting the scientific knowledge already available. The bibliography lists all of the major scientific sources used in building of the stakeholder maps, working hypothesis, assuring a nuanced understanding of the discovered problems but also of the available solutions. Open this document to see where we got knowledge from.


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