Earthquake Hub

The problem: In the panic that installs in the event of an earthquake, people will not remember what app or website does what. It will be very difficult for everybody to access all the official and valid information immediately and this will cause great pressure on the authorities and the emergency lines. Fake news, distributed in the aftermath of such an event will also be a major concern, therefore a tool that might guide people to the right information will be welcome.

The solution: Building a simple intuitive website that has two roles - to act as a search engine focused exclusively on the verfied and valid digital information available, and to act as a centralizer for all the information necessary for someone in need, simple to access, read and share further.

Status: Adopted

We have discussed with many organizations and specialists on the subject of earthquake preparedness, but also on the intervention procedures for such a major event. Rescue efforts will be the duty of everyone, a major disaster being devastating for both Bucharest and the rest of the country. We tried to map the main actors involved in seismic issues. This list will continue to be updated as we continue to research and develop solutions in this field.

Media plays a crucial role in informing and educating the population about earthquake preparedness. With the exception of a few short published briefing guides, the most common materials in the general press either just report events about earthquakes or statistical data, or play a critical role in the authorities. Here are some examples of how the media talks about earthquakes in the past 12 months.

Although there seem to be a lot of overall problems, the solution lies in a methodical and systemic approach. Using a triangulation system that relied on consulting the relevant available scientific literature, validation of the hypotheses through expert interviews or focus groups and the consultation of available public data. This allows us to have a list of problems that is both valid and validated.

For a thorough understanding of any problem one of the first necessary steps is consulting the scientific knowledge already available. The bibliography lists all of the major scientific sources used in building of the stakeholder maps, working hypothesis, assuring a nuanced understanding of the discovered problems but also of the available solutions. Open this document to see where we got knowledge from.

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