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Voluntar DRM is a digital solution developed in collaboration with the Department of Emergency Situations to enable on-field forces to validate and alert first-aid volunteers and to manage the spontaneous volunteers who will offer help in the first few moments after a major earthquake.

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Overview DRM Volunteer

Any resource or volunteer that can render aid in the eventuality of a major calamity is an extra survival chance for victims. With the estimated damages and loss of life in case of a major earthquake civil society has to be able to intervene effectively, rendering aid and support, without endangering or hindering authority-led rescue efforts. DRM Volunteer is a mobile app that allows first responders (the gendarmerie, police, firefighters etc.) to validate volunteers offering to help in the field. The tech solution allows for the management of volunteer human resources, helping authorities theoretically know the extent and location of auxiliary response capacity that civil society organizations can offer. 

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Medical response

"A first estimate of the overload that the earthquake response will place on emergency services (no: at Bucharest level) shows that the number of potential injured who would need medical intervention is two to four times more than the number of ambulance and UPUs assisting them on a regular day. The majority, though not all, will reach the hospital immediately after the earthquake [...]. These would add to cases that would be assisted anyway on that day, unrelated to the earthquake. Which means we can expect the number of cases to exceed about three times the normal volume of activity. "(Public Health Analysis, 2017, Considerations on Medical Response in the Event of the Earthquake, Romanian Health Observatory)


For a thorough understanding of any problem one of the first necessary steps is consulting the scientific knowledge already available. The bibliography lists all of the major scientific sources used in building of the stakeholder maps, working hypothesis, assuring a nuanced understanding of the discovered problems but also of the available solutions. Open this document to see where we got knowledge from.

Romanian media about the earthquake

Media plays a crucial role in informing and educating the population about earthquake preparedness. With the exception of a few short published briefing guides, the most common materials in the general press either just report events about earthquakes or statistical data, or play a critical role in the authorities. Here are some examples of how the media talks about earthquakes in the past 12 months.

Key role in consolidation

A key role in consolidation, as well as information, is played by the owners' associations. They are the ones who can help all the inhabitants of a building to keep up with the legislation in force, with data on the building they live in, with advice on disaster preparedness, them being those who come in contact very frequently with all the people who own or rent space in the building. Make Better has produced an educational material that helps associations keep their informed residents and guides them through the legislative hardship of consolidation, a guide you can download from here.


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