Culture and arts

Culture and the arts are an essential part of our lives, although most often on our priorities list, we completely ignore them. Lack of public interest in keeping this area healthy has led to the emergence of profound problems ranging from digital divide to lack of funding to allow for sustainable sector development and much more. Every year, we will focus on sub-areas of culture and the arts to understand how we can put technology in the service of solving their problems.

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Every year we meet with hundreds of people, experts, specialists, institutions, journalists, researchers, NGOs and citizens. We find out mountains of useful and interesting information which helps us identify the most pressing issues of the field, but - most importantly - the solutions to those issues. We want to open all this knowledge for the larger audience, so we would be very happy if you subscribed to our newsletter and we kept you up to date with the results of the research and the identified solutions.

Mediu Arta