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Romania has many issues, all of them important, and all impossible to solve overnight. But instead of no longer trying, here, at Civic Labs, we aim to do better. We dare to call things that do not seem directly related to technology innovation. Things like research and issue validation, things that you rarely think about as "tech" even if they are essential for progress. You are looking at a program that considers the real needs of people around us and looks at them with a different gaze. A program that brings forth a better way to put technology to good use for the betterment and progress of civil society. So keep reading and find out how the Civic Labs generate impactful solutions that trigger systemic change and measurable benefits in the long run. And join us as a partner, so that together we can have a real impact on society.


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Every year we meet with hundreds of people, experts, specialists, institutions, journalists, researchers, NGOs and citizens. We ucover tons of useful and interesting information which help us identify the most pressing issues of the field, but - most importantly - the solutions to those issues. We want to open all this knowledge for the larger audience, so we would be very happy if you subscribed to our newsletter and we kept you up to date with the results of the research and the identified solutions.